Monday, December 2, 2019

Review: AMIDST ALIEN STARS by Clayton Graham (Milijun #2)

5 Stars!

Admirable world-building and the unsurpassable, indefatigable, drive of the human Spirit to not just survive, but to thrive, power this engrossing sequel to the author's debut science fiction, MILIJUN. On an orbiting compound above a vastly alien planet, abducted humans must discern with the old X-FILES precept: "Trust No One."   

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Review_ HOLLOW HEART by Ben Eads

4 Stars
Release: Nov. 29 2019
A novella of Cosmic Nightmare resonating with both tones of Lovecraft and of Kazuo Ishiguro's THE BURIED GIANT, HOLLOW HEART has as its focus several Marine Veterans of Iraq, physically and/or emotionally disabled, living in a formerly quiet Florida trailer park, an area now compelled by the century-plus immortal known as The Architect, a being gardening with death to awaken a buried god and institute a new age of hell on earth.   

Monday, November 25, 2019


5 Stars
The recently orphaned (six months prior)  seventeen-year-old mixed-heritage Victoria Adelaide Marmot is an adorably snarky and feisty high school senior on a quest announced by a goddess. A student of mixed martial arts since age 10 and a lifelong fluency in Spanish due to her father may or may not serve her well as she embarks on her own Hero's Journey in the peaceful mountain city of Flagstaff, Arizona, where she now inhabits the home her recently deceased parents bequeathed her. Her adventures will surely appeal to all lovers of urban fantasy or Potteresque schools. 

BAD RIDDANCE Book 1: BRENT by Robert Caryl

5 Stars!
A riveting from Page One action-packed futuristic science fiction mastery/thriller, loaded with multiple plot strings and many characters and nonstop action, BAD RIDDANCE is filled with characters who can instantly travel anywhere by portals and instantaneously change identities by faceskins. This is BAD RIDDANCE BOOK 1! Eagerly awaiting more!!

Review: BREACH OF PEACE by Daniel Gibbs [BREACH OF FAITH #1]

5 Stars Plus!!

BREACH OF PEACE is the first in the brand-new BREACH OF FAITH series from accomplished author Daniel Gibbs [ECHOES OF WAR Series]. It's an enthralling blend of literary fiction (his descriptions of space and of human psychology are luminous) and of hard science fiction, with action and space adventures. Always he brings us strong characters, women and men of integrity, leadership, morality; individuals we admire and would do well to emulate.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Review: BORDER PATROL by Rod Galindo

5 Stars

An entertaining and imaginative short story involving a long-term space exploration...and totally unexpected Alien First Contact. The science is fascinating and the crew is humanized, including the tongue-in-cheek humorous Android Science Officer.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Review_BOTTLED LIGHTNING by Philip Harris

5 Stars+!

This superb Science Fiction short story took a totally unexpected mind-boggling twist, which blew me away. The characters are well-developed, the suspense mounts--and then, an explosive denouement. Wonderful! Much more than 5 stars!