Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Review_ANTIOCH by Gregory Ness

Antioch (The Sword of Agrippa #1)Antioch by Gregory Ness
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Review: ANTIOCH by Gregory Ness

ANTIOCH is a creatively imagined novel which interweaves near-future prediction with ancient history and metaphysics and technological advancement. In a very ugly near future not far enough from today, narrow-minded oligarchy rules. In cooperation with fundamentalist religion, science has been either shut down or driven underground. Many scientists have been killed outright or have died in mysterious freak events. What science and technology remain are dumbed down, satiating uneducated masses while avoiding moving forward and eschewing any advancement. Innovation is deleted, the near-future equivalent of burning at the stake. Woven into this plot is ancient Rome, definitely a harbinger. This is first in a series.

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