Friday, December 2, 2016

Review: SEMIVIRAL by Jax Anderson

SemiviralSemiviral by Jax Anderson

Review: SEMIVIRAL by Jax Anderson

Newly born-again Christian Matt wants to get right with God, and that means divesting himself of us rage and predilection to violence. It also means divesting himself of the booming business he built, a "safe" prostitution ring in Utah, designed to take up the slack from the Federal quarantine of Las Vegas. Oh yes, his is a pre-apocalyptic, dystopian society. Rescued refugees two decades earlier, given asylum, infected, killed and died. The disease is an STD, with no cure. The downsides are fatality; and cannibalism. The battle rages on between the "Curists" and the "Exterminationists." Our Matt gained quite a reputation as the latter, but in his perspective, he's monster-hunting, not murdering humans. So he soothes his conscience.

Readers who enjoy zombie hunter stories such as the series by Cedric Nye will gravitate to SEMIVIRAL, due to its insight into the mind and emotions of Matt and how he attempts to evolve and improve his personal integrity.

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