Sunday, January 6, 2019

Review_SIGMA WAVE by J. C. Ryan

<a href="" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px"><img border="0" alt="Sigma Wave (Brainstorm #1)" src="" /></a><a href="">Sigma Wave</a> by <a href="">J.C. Ryan</a><br/>
My rating: <a href="">5 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />
Not often enough do I find books of this caliber! SIGMA WAVE, #1 in J. C. Ryan's BRAINSTORM series, is an electrifying bioengineering/neuroscience suspense tale. The premises are so plausible and near-future (perhaps even contemporary!) as to be vividly realistic. Of course I hope this kind of process is not occurring already, but one never knows, and certainly there is a plethora of events, situations, mind controls, and sociopathic researchers in this story to fuel multiple conspiracy theories. Imagine if Dr Victor Frankenstein could be transported to the 20th-21st century, with the sociopathy of Josef Mengele, and unlimited research funds and secrecy. That will give you a hint as to the enormous pressure involved in this story line, a plot which could really exist--soon (or even now). I cannot wait to read Book 2 in this extraordinary series!
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