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RATH'S DECEPTION by Piers Platt_Review

Rath's Deception Rath's Deception by Piers Platt
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Review of RATH'S DECEPTION by Piers Platt
[Janus Group #1]

Rath's Deception is the first in a delightful hard-science fiction series set in the somewhat distant future. [Distant because of many colonized planets, faster-than-light travel, medical upgrades far in advance of anything dreamed of today--except in science fiction, and highly-advanced nanotechnology, controllable by the user.] The protagonist is a young man with whom most readers can identify. We first meet him at fourteen, devoted to his brother Vonn, who works for a small-time criminal enterprise, and in avoidance of their addicted parents. Rath has an eidetic memory, but when he loses Vonn, he leaves home and drops out of school. Three years later he is "recruited" for testing to enter an organization so secretive that the real name is never known, "employees" (contractors) are killed if incarcerated, and the mere idea of such a group is considered fantasy, a sort of long-lasting urban legend.
Author Piers Platt neatly constructs a multiplicity of worlds, and smoothly handles the science and medical aspects. The Group's ability to mimic, not just in voice and mannerisms, but in biological appearance, is phenomenal--and fascinating.

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