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Book of Elements (The Everlasting Throne, #0)Book of Elements by Samuel E. Green
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Samuel E. Green and Dylan D. Oscar

(The Everlasting Throne Book 0, Prequel)

This delightful fantasy novella introduces the series “THE EVERLASTING THRONE.” Our feckless hero Deobard is seventeen years old, living with his mother since his father “disappeared” when he was very young. He studies with the Archivists in the city, and during summers at the isolated castle, he is under the tutelage of the caretaker, whom he considers a fanciful and out-of-touch old man. For several years he has tried every summer to enter “the forbidden tower,” unsuccessfully until now. Suddenly, after the caretaker allows two men and a young girl to enter the Tower, Deobard can sneak in. Eventually he finds a small library and a single book set out, as if purposely. Stealing the book, he returns to his room, only to discover that not only can he read the text, when he returns to the tower he can incant spells. Major change for a young man who thinks history is bunk, dead languages are useless, and magic doesn't exist. The authors suffuse this story with an unending vein of subtle humour, enabling the reader to both acknowledge the characters as fallible, and simultaneously to empathise with their quests.

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