Sunday, April 9, 2017

GENESIS INVASION TRILOGY by Kristoff Chimes_Review

Genesis Invasion Trilogy: The Complete SeriesGenesis Invasion Trilogy: The Complete Series by Kristoff Chimes
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Review of THE GENESIS INVASION TRILOGY by Kristoff Chimes

THE GENESIS INVASION TRILOGY (release date April 10, 2017) collects GENESIS GENE, GENESIS CHILD, GENESIS REVELATIONS. Describing a thriller as "heart in mouth" is cliched, but even cliches can contain truth. THE GENESIS INVASION TRILOGY, spanning the genres of contemporary espionage thriller, science fiction, and metaphysical fantasy, with a huge helping of near-futuristic politics, science, and war, is literally nonstop, a fictional bullet train. No time to breathe, for protagonist or reader. I usually have no problem with suspension of disbelief, but this trilogy really stretched my imagination and creative appreciation.

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