Sunday, April 2, 2017

THE DENALI DECEPTION by Ernest Dempsey_Review

The Denali DeceptionThe Denali Deception by Ernest Dempsey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

by Ernest Lindsey

The newest in a great series of thrillers is, to my mind, quite possibly the best. Yes, maybe I loved it extra because of the subject theme, but I still think it's the best. {smile}

Sean Wyatt takes on what seems like a routine mission for President Dawkins, investigating The Seward House in Auburn, New York, residence of William Seward, Secretary of State in Abraham Lincoln's administration. Wyatt doesn't know exactly what he's seeking, only that POTUS found something in the Presidential Archives that awakened his intense interest. Turns out, not only President Dawkins want the missing items located; so does a covert American cabal, and agents of a foreign power.

I really appreciate how author Ernest Dempsey's love of history and his grasp of historical research shine through the novel. As a lifelong lover of history, this makes the story extra special to me and extra fascinating. As always with a Sean Wyatt thriller, there's tons of action and adventure, heart-in-mouth suspense, and lots and lots of danger, for Sean and his friends and cohorts, even up to the highest echelons.

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