Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Review of BABYLON TERMINAL by Greg F. Gifune

Babylon TerminalBabylon Terminal by Greg F. Gifune
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Review of BABYLON TERMINAL by Greg F. Gifune

Once again, author Greg F. Gifune explores unexplored territories in this story of a couple locked in an unnamed city where dreams are life and existence might as well be death. The ocean is considered a fantasy. Even though individuals are not physically confined, no one is allowed to leave, and Dreamcatchers make sure they can't. One such Dreamcatcher, a very violent man, is Monk. When his Julia disappears, he searches high and low, literally, despite the fact that his is an unsanctioned hunt, not one to which he is assigned.

BABYLON TERMINAL is a very surrealist, existential work, akin to living inside a Dali painting. The only two books I can remember reading that affected me with this existential angst and characters' despair are Robert Jackson Bennett's THE COMPANY MAN and Jon Bassoff's FACTORY TOWN. All 3 stories make me want to take a hot toxic shower, and turn to something graphically violent so I can shrug off the mood the book wraps me in.

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