Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review of BASTION SATURN by C. Chase Harwood

Bastion SaturnBastion Saturn by C. Chase Harwood
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Review of BASTION SATURN by C. Chase Harwood

BASTION SATURN is hard science fiction, in the vein of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars series, and of Neal Stephenson. Thoroughly researched and very technical, BASTION SATURN is educational and exploratory, sometimes joyful, often tragic. As 22nd century Earth has merged into nanotechnology and one overarching hive brain of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the minority takes exception and "escapes" to other planets to colonize, for to remain an Earthling is to be absorbed into the AI, constantly aware of everything and everyone.

The Moon colony was first, then Mars, then various of the moons of Saturn. Now the Lunar and Martian colonies are no more, and suddenly the Saturnian colonies are coming under attack. One passive misfit named Caleb somehow manages to save a few colonists, only to enter into a journey seemingly with no end, to another of Saturn's satellites.

The science of this novel is a character into itself. Woven into it are various diverse personalities, whose emotions and character are amply vivid. Mr. Harwood balances a sizeable number of characters, and brings them, the science of space travel and colonization, and the backgrounds of the various locations in space, to vivid and immediate life.

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