Friday, January 13, 2017

IF THERE BE GIANTS by Ellison Blackburn_Review

If There Be Giants (The Watchers, #1)If There Be Giants by Ellison Blackburn
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Review: IF THERE BE GIANTS by Ellison Blackburn

Mallory Jacks had been a staunch fan of Indiana Jones since childhood, and unlike many childhood enthusiasms, her interest in both archaeology and anthropology cemented itself and became her adult career passion as well. In company with her schoolmates Paisley, the two found a museum in their small Cornwall community. The turning point occurs with the uncovering of a henge stone. As the novel unfolds, Mallory discovers the existence of The Watchers. Such a discovery may well upend forever both established science, and accepted religions.

IF THERE BE GIANTS is a highly narrative archaeological suspense-thriller. It is first in THE WATCHERS Series.

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