Wednesday, January 11, 2017


WINTER'S RESPITE Readathon is hosted at

Books I've read: January 16 Mists of the Miskatonic Book 1 by Al Halsey
The Innsmouth Syndrome by Phillip Hemphill
Ghost Stories (The Daily Telegraph Ghost Story Competition) Jan. 17:
The Night Ocean by Paul LaFarge {read as an ARC via NetGalley} Jan. 18:
DEAD LINER by Alex Laybourne
Wendigo Fever {Warden #1} by Kevin Hardman Jan. 19:
Acadia Event by M.J. Preston

Jan. 20: Beginning in November, I began reading a lot of short story collections (single-author) and themed anthologies. This was a major new path for me, because in adolescence I decided to read novels, as they are longer-lasting, giving me more time with the characters and plot. {smile} But in November I took up short fiction as well (primarily Lovecraft, Lovecraft Mythos, and other horror, but including literary fiction and so forth).
Restitution by Tracy L. Carbone (novel) Jan. 21:
Something Violent by Kristopher Rufty (ARC, crime fiction novel)
THE FOLKS by Tracy L Carbone (short story) Jan. 22:
Green River Blend by Armand Rossamilia Jan. 23:
Green River Blend 2 by Armand Rosamilia Jan. 23:
Text from the Dead by Stella Dark Horror Inside Out by Authors for Autism Jan. 24:
The Dark River: A by Michael Richan (The Dark River #1) Jan. 25:
The Blood Gardener by Michael Richan (The Dark River @2)) Trick or Death (short story) (6 pp.)
The Port of Missing Souls by Michael Richan (The River #12)
The Whispering: The Riley Family Mystery by Jonathan Kittrell (The Blood of the Earth #1)
Whispering Peak by Alyssa Cooper (34 pp.) Jan. 26:
The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn M Branley (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science Series) (children) Jan. 26:
Single Malt Murder by Melissa Mullet (mystery, NetGalley ARC)--highly recommended Jan. 27:
Something's Alive On the Titanic, by Robert J. Serling Originally published 1990,republished Jan. 2017 by Endeavour Press, a very absorbing historical (1977 and 1993) novel of exploration and obsession and the strange ocean depths Jan. 29:
Jack-In-The-Box by William Johnstone very creepy, Satanic, implacable horror.
The Mercy of the Tides, Keith Rosson exceptional novel; a Best of 2017 Total Read: 5 short stories; 22 novels, novellas; 1 anthology, so 23 books, 5 short stories read Books I read during Winter's Respite but haven't finished: Lines of the Devil, Zack Bohannon The Ghost of Tobacco Road, Dale J. Young The Only Child, Andrew Pyper Whispering Corner, Marc Alexander

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