Sunday, January 8, 2017

SUBSTRATUM by Jonah Buck_Review

Substratum (A Jasper O'Malley Novel Book 1)Substratum by Jonah Buck
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Review: SUBSTRATUM by Jonah Buck (A Jasper O'Malley Mystery)

Author Jonah Buck illuminates the American Prohibition Era in this horror mystery. Monsters and Pinkertons, gangsters and speakeasies, salt mines and the U.S. Geological Survey! Non-stop action and implacable horror from inescapable monsters. Jasper O'Malley is a delightfully quiet hero, a man who walks "his side of the law," yet a man of character and integrity. A detective for the Attican Detective Agency in 1920' s Chicago, O'Malley is sent to investigate continuing mass disappearances in a Detroit salt mine. What he uncovers is horrifying, and imaginative.

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