Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NIGHT OF THE JABBERWOCK by Fredric Brown_Review

Night of the JabberwockNight of the Jabberwock by Fredric Brown
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Review: NIGHT OF THE JABBERWOCK by Fredric Brown

An excitingly twisted, convoluted, puzzle, a mystery wrapped in an enigma, NIGHT OF THE JABBERWOCK
is a true reading delight. This is the first of Fredric Brown's writing I'd read, and it's set me on a path to seeking out more. If you love Lewis Carroll, chess, or almost-unsolvable mysteries, get rolling. If you enjoy a feckless protagonist who is almost his own worst enemy, let me introduce you to the endearing Doc Stoeger, small town newspaper owner, alcoholic, and a stalwart friend. Doc just needs that "one big story" to put his weekly newspaper "to bed," but no matter how diligent he is, the stories just keep eluding him, or mutating--until the grizzled journalist finds himself starring in his own real-life story.

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