Saturday, February 4, 2017

BLUE DEMON by David Bernstein_Review

Blue DemonBlue Demon by David Bernstein
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Review: BLUE DEMON by David Bernstein

Who doesn't want justice served? Who doesn't think bullies, rapists, and murderers should be stopped, unable to commit further offenses?

BLUE DEMON is a story of justice taken to an extreme; of justice mutating into vengeance, of "an eye for an eye" doubled, even tripled. It's also the story of family strength, of loyalty, compassion, and love. The many tragedies that befall Dan, Jackie, and their son Cal are inexcusable and could have been avoidable (not by them, but by the perpetrators). But in the background there is one who patiently waits, and when called upon, avenges.

BLUE DEMON is a story with a heartwarming family suffering terrifically, and the imaginatively creative methods in which justice is delivered--permanently.

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