Monday, February 6, 2017

RECOVERED by Amber Polo_Review

Recovered (The Shapeshifters' Library, #3)Recovered by Amber Polo
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2/06/17 (blog tour)

Review of RECOVERED by Amber Polo
[The Shapeshifters Library #3]

RECOVERED is a doggily-licious, dog-delightful story, and I can't wait to read this entertaining and imaginative series in full. In Southern Ohio, there is a pack of dog shifter Librarians (yes, you read that accurately), most of whom are late-in-life shifters, and other Librarians who are shifter friends. This small community also houses a more aggressive and generally unfriendly werewolf pack. The Dog shifters also maintain an academy for guiding and training the shifters, and are investigating and uncovering a mysterious Mound, which may contain the Library of the Ancients.

The characters are treasures, and their interaction is uplifting and heartwarming. The story is a positive joy, the kind of story that makes a reader happy to read it. If you like stories that raise your spirits, don't miss RECOVERED, and the series, THE SHAPESHIFTER'S LIBRARY.

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