Friday, February 24, 2017


The Mask of Minos / Bruno's InfernoThe Mask of Minos / Bruno's Inferno by Robert Walton
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Review of THE MASK OF MINOS/BRUNO' S INFERNO by Robert Walton

Bon vivant archaeologist Harry Thursday returns in a second daring adventure, a quest with tentacles to the World Wars, and roots in the legends of ancient Crete. The Hyperboreans continue to trouble the waters as Harry is tasked by a secretive Federal agency to uncover the Mask of King Minos of Crete , the legendary son of Greek gods and father of the Minotaur. "Lost" since World War II, reputedly the Mask confers tremendous power. Who better to search it out and recover the Mask than intrepid Harry Thursday, the James Bond of archaeologists.

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