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BLACKWATER LIGHTS by Michael Hughes_Review

rBlackwater LightsBlackwater Lights by Michael M. Hughes
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Review from 2013
A very, very terrifying book, suffused with that feeling one gets of danger too near-at-hand, of approaching perils too insurmountable. You won't forget it--so don't.miss it!

May 15 2017:
by Michael Hughes
{Blackwater Lights #1}

A horror-thriller that is especially electrifying because of the implacability of its horror, both human, and inhuman, BLACKWATER LIGHTS is the first of a trilogy. Set in a seemingly unassuming tiny, almost backward (or frozen in time) isolated community in the mountains of West Virginia, the novel focuses on a forty-something school teacher, Ray Simon of Baltimore. The experiences he and his childhood friend Kevin endured at a “camp for gifted children” outside Blackwater, West Virginia, in the seventies, were so horrendous and outre that both had blocked all memory. At the end of the school term, Kevin, now a wealthy porn magnate, begs Ray to visit and to help Kevin, who claims nightly disturbing nightmares. Ray travels there against his better judgment, and events prove he should have heeded his intution.
What the boys experienced at that “camp” is almost beyond belief, abusive, traumatizing, and nearly world-ending. Now an incredibly wealthy “philanthropist” wants to summon those memories, and to summon something from beyond.

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