Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review of ORBS II: STRANDED by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Stranded (Orbs #2)Stranded by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

In this continuation of the ORBS trilogy, the survivors in Biosphere 1 under Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, discover another survivor exists in California, from a biosphere at Edwards AFB. We are also introduced to a surviving NTC sub, the Ghosts of Atlantis, submerged into the Pacific Ocean. As the conditions on the planet continue to worsen, the survivors somehow manage to maintain hope, both within themselves, and in the form of protecting and educating the several children they have found. One of the themes consistent throughout is the theme of hope. Despite the eventual destruction of the planet, the human survivors are determined to survive and to extend the species, in the face of the aliens' obvious intent to completely eradicate humanity. Another consistent theme is the will to survive. These folks would make Darwin proud, I think, but survival becomes not always a question of strength, but of intelligence, cunning, wisdom, and cleverness.

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