Sunday, May 7, 2017

review of TRACKERS 2: THE HUNTED by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

The Hunted (Trackers #2)The Hunted by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

TRACKERS 2: THE HUNTED continues the story of the North Korean-caused EMPs and the destruction of Washington D. C., with exciting (and horrifying) every-page action. Author Nicholas Sansbury Smith applies his research and his experience in disaster preparedness to vivify what could be if the current (or future) geopolitical climate debilitated and the protocols preventing nuclear attacks collapsed.

Again set in Estes Park, Colorado, and offshore in the newly reconstructed US government, survivors are trying to piece together a present and future, laying up supplies and protecting their families, while criminals and psychopaths utilize the chaos for their own further endeavours. Synchronicity provided that I read these two books right after reading an upcoming thriller dealing with white supremacy, because a supremacist psychopath is a major portion of this installment.

Reading TRACKERS and TRACKERS 2: THE HUNTED left me invigorated, dismayed, and thinking analytically about the present and the potential near-future possibilites. I'm also left hungry for the next in the series, TRACKERS 3: THE STORM.

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