Saturday, May 6, 2017

Review of THE BLOOD FLOWS by Lee Isserow

In The Blood: The Blood Flows (book 3)In The Blood: The Blood Flows by Lee Isserow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

by Lee Isserow

This is an action-packed sci-fi thriller series which definitely keeps the reader suspensefully wound up throughout. Ben, whose mother was killed when he was just a small boy, waits decades for the supposed murderer to be released. Then he discovers that the convicted man wasn't the murderer at all...and that the culprit is something seemingly impossible and beyond belief. Almost worse, the British government has a squad investigating this “condition,” and adult Ben is co-opted into it. Of course, nothing is ever straightforward and honest, and soon he discovers that monsters can be human as well as “other.” On the run with another victim and her five-year-old “nephew,” Ben determines to locate his father, the one person possibly able to shed some light on the “goblins” (hemoglobin creatures). Each novella in this series is so fast-paced the reader is at the end almost without realising, eager for the next installment. The series will conclude with Book 5, BLOOD BATH.

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