Thursday, May 11, 2017

THE PLAGUE by Blake B. Rivers_Review

The Plague (Alternate Dimensions Book 1)The Plague by Blake B. Rivers
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Review of THE PLAGUE by Blake B. Rivers
(Alternate Dimensions Book 1)

An easy-to-assimilate, easy-to-suspend-disbelief sci fi series beginning, THE PLAGUE centers on a young college student whose past has been extraordinary: extraordinarily negative. Author Blake B. Rivers doesn't reveal it all at once. We only get suggestions, hints, and glimpses; but we understand enough to know why Andi (full given name Verdandi) prefers solitude, science fiction, and video gaming. No one deserves a life that bad.

Andi has been reading a sci fi series by a female author, and has been quite enrapt with it. Unexpectedly she discovers a game at the video store, set in the universe of the books, and plays it at home. But this is not just a multi-level game, it's a portal: and soon Andi is part of this alternate universe, a six-foot red-haired human female, appearing out of nowhere, imprisoned on a space station, targeted for death by persons or forces unknown, and living the life of her dreams—or nightmares!

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